Inspirational story – Dog saves owner’s life

9 May

Hello wonderful people!

It has been a bit quiet on this blog lately, but don’t worry! It will be back and better than ever in no time. I just had to take a time out from writing due to an injury to my arm – nothing serious. Typing with your left hand when you’re right-handed is not that easy lol. Anyway, I just came across a very inspiring story that I didn’t want to keep from you. Hope you enjoy it.

Many blessings,



Pit bull Lilly isn’t an ordinary dog. She’s a life saver. Last week her owner passed out on the railroad tracks while walking along them. Lilly was able to pull her from the path of an oncoming train just in time. The woman didn’t get injured, but her hero dog wasn’t that lucky. Although Lilly lost her leg, she’s on her way to recovery according to Fox News. Here’s the entire story from Huffington Post.

It’s amazing how strong a bond can be between a pet and it’s human. This dog was willing to sacrifice her life to save her owner’s. And this isn’t the only miracle story about a dog rescuing it’s caretaker, as my friend Google told me. I even got across a story of a choking dog who saved it’s own life by dialing the emergency number… Yeah, you heard that right! But to get back to the moral of the story… We’re all connected. I like to see every being on this planet as the back of a wall hanging or a carpet. Every piece of thread has it’s own purpose, but all the strings together have a bigger purpose.

Lilly’s story:

Huff Post Good News: “A fund has been set up to help offset Lilly’s medical care, which will likely run into the thousands of dollars. For more information, visit”

Singing bowl concert

28 Apr

I asked you wonderful people a while ago what stress relief method you’d like me to test and report back to you about. It was close – so I’ll probably try all of them – but the winner is: singing bowls.

Before I attended a local singing bowl concert, I did a little research. This is a short summary: How could the sound of singing bowls improve relaxation? The sound has a certain frequency that should alter your brain state – alpha waves are produced. But that’s not all. Since our bodies consist mainly of water, the soundwaves can travel though our entire body. I like to see it as dropping a pebble in water. It doesn’t only affect the place where the stone hits the water. The water will show a ripple effect; it undulates.

As I entered the small room where the singing bowl concert was going to take place, I noticed a great collection of  bowls and other instruments I had never seen before. The organizers assured me they were handmade in Nepal, Tibet, Peru and so on. I asked what the instruments are used for in those countries and I was told they have the same purpose there.  As a few more people started to drop in I noticed some young people. I didn’t expect this in a small town like this. I thought I was going to be the only young person there. But apparently finding enlightenment is trendy.

The invitation said to bring something comfy to keep you warm, so I brought my Snuggie – don’t judge until you’ve tried it. So, I was lying there in my Snuggie. Completely ready to relax. I closed my eyes and as the first gong sound… the man next to me started to snore. It was like he passed out instantly. I’m always a bit jealous of people who can fall asleep in like a minute. Anyway… the concert was an hour and the man snored for… exactly, the entire session. It’s very hard to relax when you hear the singing bowls in one ear and snoring in the other ear. It really made me laugh – on the inside. A control freak like me, that even tries to control her ‘relax time’ gets confronted with something she can’t control. Hey, there must be a wise lesson in it right?

I reblogged this picture from:
She has some amazing work there that's worth checking out.

At first I tried to shut him up with my mind, but unfortunately I don’t have psychokinetic powers. So, there was noting left but surrender. I tried to visualize the man as a very wise buddhist monk that was sleeping in front of a temple. Soon I was in the place where the bowls came from. Another buddhist monk was waiting for me and walked with me through the beautiful temple. It looked very old and there were candles everywhere. “You came here for answers”, he said. “They will come to you when their supposed to, in their own time.” This man looked so wise and at peace. I wasn’t going to settle for that. “You want to be at peace?”, he said as if he read my mind. “Surrender in faith and your path will appear. Faith starts from within. You have to trust yourself first, empty your mind from worrying and just smile.” As he smiled at me I felt the corners of my mouth curling up.

In the mean time the sound of different bowls floated trough the air as little clouds. Some were heavy like ominous thunder putting you at your place; forcing you to ground. Others had a light sound that fluttered like a butterfly, making you feel weightless. I got a weird sensation when one of the organizers held a ‘light sound bowl’ near my head. It was like the top of my head opened and I expanded. Every time she walked by it felt like she hit my head, but she didn’t – at least, not physically.

The monk proceeded: “A wise man is not the one who controls his thoughts, but the one who knows which ones to pay attention to.” Wow, I didn’t know my subconscious had all these wise answers, I thought. Or isn’t it in my mind? Am I actually experiencing something spiritual? I’m not even going to try to answer that. The monk took me to a ‘puddle of truth’ and made me look at the reflection. “You’re seeing your grandest desire”, he said. “The fact that you see it so clearly is the reason it will manifest. Don’t morn the losses, celebrate them, as it’s your future ‘unwrapping’, shaping your new reality.” Suddenly I found myself outside the temple. The monk smiled and said: “Did you found what you came here for?” Yes, I did.

puddle reflection

I love this picture from Margaret Keating on
Check out her stream for more amazingness

I think everyone will get a different experience. I didn’t get that relaxed that I could fall asleep like sleepy sleeperson next to me. I got more calm, but still in an active – or alert – state. After the concert I did feel more careless. That’s the world I would use to describe the feeling I left with: carelessness. But did it really relief stress? The next morning deadlines were still lurking and the bowls hadn’t magically taken out all the things that bring stress. But for a whole evening I felt like I didn’t care about it and that was nice.

May you want to try it yourself, you can check Google for spiritual centers in your area. I went to Kesadaran in The Netherlands. I’ll leave you with a video of a Tibetan singing bowl concert I found on the internet. This isn’t the one I attended, but it’s to give you an idea.

Virtual friends – Why social media isn’t social

12 Apr

Imagine this: It’s a sunny day and you’re walking down the street. You haven’t even noticed the sun, because you’re so into a text message. All of a sudden you bump into another person. Slightly annoyed you look up, because you expected that everyone would move out of your way. You’re doing something very important and very serious, after all. When you look up, you look straight into another ‘slightly annoyed face that was doing some important and serious stuff too’. Then you notice the other person was composing a Tweet.

Wouldn’t it be so much more fun if the sunshine on your face would put you in such a good mood that you’d say ‘hello’ to each person passing you by?

When you live far apart or you’re looking for something new, the internet can be fun. But lately more and more friends – luckily not all of them – seem to think it’s ok to give you a virtual hug… when they live five minutes away. That just isn’t fulfilling to me.  Going on a social media strike won’t work either. They will just find new friends who also live on the internet and forget all about you. ‘What’ are we becoming? A society in which you can create your own virtual friend who acts exactly the way you want it too? Yeah, I had one of those when I was eight. It’s called a Tamagotchi.

Wouldn’t it be so much more fun if someone would just look you in the eye and say: “It’s great to be in your presence.”

And what about ‘checking in’ at Facebook? It’s fun when you’re somewhere kewl like a tropical island. Updating your status is nice when you actually achieved something great – whatever it may be – and you want to share that feeling of victory with the rest of the world. But lately people took the magic out of it. By posting they’re at home or at the local café or some other place they’re not even that excited about. No one really cares that you’re grocery shopping. The people who just ‘liked’ your status probably just did it so you’d ‘like’ theirs too.

Wouldn’t it be so much more fun if people posted things they were really excited about and that could be inspiring to other people? Or better yet, ‘check in’ to invite you to join them.

I’m not judging. I do it too. I have to. Society forces me to participate. It’s either that or be a weirdo. Well, I think being a weirdo is much more fun to be honest. Have you ever been to a birthday party where everyone was staring at their phones the entire evening? Wouldn’t it be so much more fun to pay attention to the person next to you and realize you have a lot more in common than an iPhone? And I’m not even going to start talking about people who text while driving… That’s just plain stupid.

I’m not writing this post to rant – well, maybe a little – I just want to get through to you. This blog is about happy thoughts, so here’s a wonderful one for you:  Take a moment to look around you today. Really SEE people. What do they need? How can you help them brighten up their day?  It can be as simple as one single sentence. But the effect can be enormous. Not just for one person. We’re all connected you know.

A few years ago a former classmate came up to me, desperately pulled my jacked and begged me to talk to him. I knew he was a drug user, so out of fear I said no and kept on walking. That was the last time I saw him. A few days later he committed suicide. I know I couldn’t have done anything to stop him, but at least I could have listened. Please don’t learn this lesson the hard way like I did. This generation is becoming so impersonal. It’s great that we can text each other all the time, but when someone answers ‘I’m ok’, you can’t see if that’s what they feel in their heart. Get off the internet and ask your friend in person how he or she is doing. Your friend might throw in a false ‘I’m ok’, but eyes can’t lie. Virtual words can.

As always, I’ll leave you with an inspiring video about this matter (not for kids!):

I dedicate this post to someone I used to know. Hopefully in a next lifetime I’ll have the right to call you a friend.

By Liz

Up yours, LOA

1 Apr

Dear readers,

I hope you can read the following post with a sense of humor. If you’re super enlightened all the time I don’t advise you to read it. If you’re a human that expresses emotions in a ‘healthy’ way and tries to keep up with this crazed society, maybe you’ll appreciate the sarcasm. If not, consider this as a late april fool’s joke. I’m sure you’ll like one of my next posts better.


Someone who isn’t familiar with English curse words that are considered to be ‘ok’ and tried to use ‘one who isn’t that bad’. Hopefully I got it right. If not, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend anyone. You guys are awesome!


Normally I would post a picture here, but since I’m a badass today – *cough* the picture I wanted has copywrite on it – I’ll just leave a link to the author’s website: If you want to laugh, you can see the picture there.


Have you ever had one those days where you just thought: Up yours, Law of Attraction? Occasionally you see people out there who look so spiritually enlightened that it seems they have all their emotions under control. They’re just ‘zen’ all the time. It’s like they’re breathing inspirational quotes. Their heads must be filled with harp music.

And there’s you. Trying to be in that spiritual, positive state as much as you can. But you have three deadlines lurking or a baby on your hands that can’t stop crying.

I think it makes us very human to – once in a while – think: You know what? ‘Go away’ for a minute! It’s a way of blowing off steam so we don’t hold all our frustration inside and turn into guys with ladies in their basements.

As long as after we’re done ranting we can get back into that creating mindset and realize the Law of Attraction is actually pretty kewl – In a time that there are so many things you can’t control, it’s nice to have something to fall back on that you can influence – It’s ok to be a ‘spiritual rebellion’ once in a while. Aren’t we put here on earth to experience and learn? Otherwise we  would be flying around in heaven with halo’s on our heads or something. But since we’re not, I think it’s okay to allow what you feel to be there for a moment and just let it out. Isn’t that what mindfulness is about anyway?

Which place has the greenest grass?

29 Mar

No one really has it all. You never know what happens behind those golden gates. Humans have evolved into ‘power people’ – that’s how I call it. We want everything and we want it fast. More than ever we feel the need to constantly keep developing ourselves; to reach further. You might think the element of survival has decreased throughout the ages. The reality is that the pressure of fitting in this crazed society might be more stressful than the time ‘we’ wore hides.

If we achieve something it might feel like we’re standing on the greenest grass, but after a while the sunlight will wither it. Even spectacular gets normal once you’re adapted. That’s when you get restless and feel the need to grow and set higher goals. There’s nothing wrong with challenging yourself to become a better you! But it’s always good to keep in mind what is really important. Get out of your mind for a minute and look around you. What you’ll experience might not be so bad.

Normally I don’t ‘reblog’, but I came across a great article ‘Why the grass is never greener and how to be happy today’ that I think is worth reading. Tiny Buddha’s blog is one of my favorites. They publish long articles and somehow manage to keep my attention. Just because I can relay…

Hope you enjoy it ♡ Bless

Motivational sidewalk chalk

20 Mar

Spring is in the air and slowly people come out of their caves to enjoy the sun again. Here and there you see children making sidewalk chalk drawings. I don’t know what it is about that. It just makes me smile. Maybe because it has such an innocent and careless character. That age when it’s still ok to just draw a rainbow on the floor when you feel like it and be arty that way. Awesome!

I think it’s a great idea to let creativity bloom that way. I found this Youtube video where people draw inspiring phrases on the sidewalk. This would be a fun project to do with some kids – or grown ups! Imagine you have one of those days where you need a little help to lift your spirit and with each step you take you see these motivational words. Makes the world a little happier I think!



You can always take it to the next level. ‘The Chalk Man‘ doesn’t only chalk up your mood. With the math equations he leaves around, you’re also going to get your daily dose of brain training. And then there’s this amazing 3D sidewalk chalk art. It’s a head turner!

How are you going to let your creativity bloom this spring? Please inspire us and leave a comment (-:

Healthy food for a healthy mood

15 Mar

Normally I don’t write about food, but today I realized it can help you get in a better mood. Every time I walk home from the local organic store, I feel so healthy. Even though I haven’t eaten anything inside the big paper bag yet. I feel like: look at me being all fit! Since I’ve learned from the Law of Attraction that your mindset creates your world, I thought it’s worth it dedicating a post to a healthy lunch. Hopefully this can help you get into the same state and contribute to your health.

And then… just blend it up! It’s as easy as that. I love to put Goji berries in the smoothie as well, but I didn’t have them today. I promise you, after having this health boost for lunch, you’ll be full for the next few hours!

Not so familiar with superfoods? I found this great article that talks about what superfoods are and if they’re really so good for our health. Since health starts with a state of mind, I think that if you believe in the power of antioxidants, you’ll probably feel the effect to some extent. I’m just as sceptic as you are. We can’t expect a blueberry to prevent us from getting cancer when we sleep with a BlackBerry next to our head. But lets face it: we all have to eat. And I believe this is healthier than fast food.


happy bowl

I have to say that (1) I’m not a pro at cooking. I literally just throw all the ingredients together and mix it up. How much of each ingredient do I add? Just what feels right that day. And (2) I have issues with pictures of food. Not salads, smoothies, sweet stuff like cupcakes or other deliciousness. I mean pictures of your dinner. It just never looks that flattering – except in magazines. I bet it tasted great, but looking at your greasy home made cheese burger – with all kinds of stuff sticking out – makes me nauseous. I know there are a lot of people who experience the same thing, so I won’t post pictures of the end result, just of the ingredients. Sorry if I gave you a bad after taste now xD

Since I don’t drink coffee, I use this funny travel mug for smoothies

I always share my banana with this little fellow: my sweet pet rabbit

In addition to this post I found a site with great health & nutrition quotes. One of my favorites: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”  ~Jim Rohn

I wish you a healthy day!  xo

Pepe’s story (La historia de Pepe)

14 Mar

My grandmother sent me this video on thinking wonderful thoughts. I thought the story was very inspiring, but I could only find it in Spanish. That’s why I decided to dedicate this -loooong- post to translating Pepe’s story to English and Dutch. Hope the story encourages you to choose seeing the positive side in every situation.



Pepe was the kind of person you’d like to be. We was always in a good mood and he always had something positive to say. When someone asked him how he was doing, he responded: “Couldn’t be better.”

He had changed jobs and several of his colleagues had moved with him. The reason they followed him was because of his attitude: he was a natural motivator. Whenever an employee had a bad day, Pepe was there to show him the positive side of the situation.

One day I went up to Pepe and asked him: “I don’t understand… it’s impossible to be a positive person all of the time. How do you do it?”

Pepe responded: “Each morning I wake up and tell myself: ‘Pepe, you have two options today: you can choose to be in a good or in a bad mood.’ I choose to be in a good mood. Every time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or learn from it. I choose to learn from it. Each time someone comes to me to complain. I can accept his complaint or I can show him the positive side of life. I choose to show him the positive side of life.”

“Yes, of course, but it isn’t that easy”, I protested. “Yes, it is”, Pepe said.

“In life everything is about choices. When you remove everything else, every situation is an election. You decide how you react in every situation, you decide how people will affect your mood, you decide to be in a good or bad mood. In conclusion: YOU DECIDE HOW TO LIVE LIFE.”

I reflected on what Pepe told me…

Due to residential causes we lost contact, but at times when I had to make a decision in life, I thought of Pepe.

Years later, I noticed Pepe had done something you should never do in a business. He left the back door open and one morning he was assaulted by three armed robbers. When he tried to open the volt, he was shaking with nerves. It caused his hand to slip from the combination. The assailants felt panic and shot him.

Pepe was found in time and brought to the emergency room. After eight hours of surgery and weeks of intensive therapy, Pepe was discharged. He still had bullet fragments in his body.

Six months after the accident I encountered Pepe. When I asked him how he was doing, he responded: “Couldn’t be better.” I asked him what went through his mind the moment of the assault. He answered: “When I was lying on the floor I remembered I had two options: I could choose to live or to die. I CHOSE TO LIVE.”

“Weren’t you afraid?”, I asked him.

Pepe: “The medics were great. They kept telling me I was going to be ok. But when they brought me to the operating room and I saw the expression on the faces of the doctors and nurses, I really got scared. I could read in their eyes: ‘This man is dead’. Then I knew I had to make a decision.”

“What did you do?”, I asked.

Pepe: “ Well, one of the doctors asked me if I was allergic to something and I shouted: ‘Yeah, to bullets!’ While they laughed, I said: ‘I’m choosing to live. OPERATE ME AS IF I WERE ALIVE, not dead.’”

Pepe lived because of the skills of the medical staff, but above all because of his amazing attitude. He learned that every day we have the choice to live our life to the fullest. Attitude is everything.

In the end the decision of who you are, how you see yourself, how you feel and how you live, IS YOURS! 

Picture from:



Pepe was het type persoon dat je graag zou willen zijn. Hij was altijd in een goed humeur en had altijd een positief woordje klaar. Wanneer iemand hem vroeg hoe het met hem ging, antwoordde hij: “Kan niet beter.”

Hij was van werk veranderd en meerdere collega’s waren met hem meegegaan. De reden dat ze hem volgden was zijn houding: hij was een geboren motiveerder. Als een medewerker een slechte dag had, was Pepe daar om hem op de positive kant van de situatie te wijzen.

Op een dag ben ik naar Pepe gegaan en heb hem gevraagd: “Ik begrijp het niet… het is onmogelijk om non-stop een positief persoon te zijn. Hoe doe je het?”

Pepe antwoordde: “Elke morgen word ik wakker en zeg ik tegen mezelf: ‘Pepe, je hebt vandaag twee opties: je kan ervoor kiezen om in een goed of slecht humeur te zijn.’ Ik kies ervoor om in een goed humeur te zijn. Elke keer als me iets slechts overkomt, heb ik de keuze om een slachtoffer te zijn of om ervan te leren. Ik kies om ervan te leren. Elke keer als iemand bij me komt klagen, kan ik zijn geklaag accepteren of kan ik hem de positieve kant van het leven tonen. Ik kies ervoor om hem de positieve kant van het leven te tonen.”

“Ja, natuurlijk, maar zo makkelijk is dat niet”, protesteerde ik. “Dat is het wel”, zei Pepe.

“Het leven draait om keuzes maken. Als je alles eromheen weghaalt, bestaat elke situatie uit een keuze. Jij beslist hoe je reageert in elke situatie, jij beslist hoe mensen jouw gemoedstoestand beïnvloeden, jij beslist om in een goede of slechte bui te zijn. Samengevat: JIJ BESLIST HOE JE HET LEVEN LEEFT.

Ik heb gereflecteerd op Pepe’s woorden…

Door te verhuizen, verloren we het contact, maar vaak dacht ik terug aan Pepe als ik een keuze in het leven moest maken.

Jaren later kwam ik er achter dat Pepe iets had gedaan wat niet zo verstandig is in een bedrijf. Een morgen had hij de achterdeur opengelaten en was hij het slachtoffer geworden van een gewapende overval. Toen hij de kluis probeerde open te maken, trilde zijn hand en gleed door de zenuwen van de combinatie af. De overvallers raakten in paniek en schoten op hem.

Pepe werd op tijd gevonden en naar de EHBO gebracht. Na een acht uur durende operatie en weken van intensieve therapie, mocht Pepe weer naar huis. Hij had nog steeds kogelfragmenten in zijn lichaam.

Een half jaar na het ongeluk kwam ik Pepe tegen en toen ik hem vroeg hoe het met hem ging, antwoordde hij: “Kan niet beter.” Ik vroeg hem wat er door zijn hoofd ging op het moment van de overval. Hij antwoordde: “Toen ik op de grond lag, herinnerde ik me dat ik twee opties had: ik kon ervoor kiezen om te blijven leven om of dood te gaan. IK KOOS VOOR HET LEVEN.”

“Was je niet bang?”, vroeg ik hem.

Pepe: “De medisch personeel was geweldig. Ze bleven me vertellen dat het goed zou komen. Maar toen ze me naar de operatiekamer brachten en ik de uitdrukking op de gezichten van de artsen en zusters zag schrok ik echt. Ik kon in hun ogen lezen: ‘Deze man gaat dood.’ Toen wist ik dat ik een beslissing moest nemen.”

“Wat heb je gedaan?”, vroeg ik.

Pepe: “Een van de doctoren vroeg me of ik ergens allergisch voor was en ik schreeuwde: ‘Ja, voor kogels!’ Terwijl het medisch personeel lachte, zei ik: ‘Ik kies om te blijven leven. OPEREER ME ALSOF IK LEVEND BEN, niet alsof ik ten dode ben opgeschreven.’”

Pepe bleef leven door de kunde van de artsen, maar vooral door zijn geweldige houding. Hij leerde dat we elke dag de keuze hebben om het leven ten volle te leven. Houding is alles. 

Ten slotte is de keuze hoe je bent, hoe je jezelf ziet, hoe je je voelt en hoe je leeft AAN JOU!


Decisions picture from: Ray (wish I knew his site to link to!)

The Genuine Blogger Award

9 Mar

I’m very happy to announce that ‘Think Wonderful Thoughts’ has been awarded again. There’s a lot of love circling in the blogger community and I’m blessed to be a part of it. What I like most about the bloggers I’m communicating with, is that they want everyone to succeed. There’s no grudge or competition. Just like-minded friends.

This blog and blogger are very thankful that Sharon from thought of us when passing on the award. What I like about Sharon’s blog is her positive view on things. She’s a true inspiration.

The Genuine Blogger Award is a little different than other blogger-to-blogger awards. The site says: It will be given to someone for his or her genuineness in blogging. Free and clear. It is an award that I hope allows recipients to know that their work is appreciated, valued, and noteworthy by a fellow blogger and it does not have the pressure of ‘rules and requirements’ to follow.

You heard that right. The rules are: there are no rules! No embarrassing fact sharing or a restricted number of bloggers you have to choose from to pass it on to. All the blogs I read are great. They should all be awarded. Since I can fill in that space myself, I decided to do it this way:

1. Dedication:

I want to dedicate this award to all the readers who take time out of their busy lives to stop by and give feedback. You are my motivation ♥

2. Post read today that left a great impression:

That would be ‘The story of the butterfly‘ from Troy’s blog

3. Pass it on to:

Although she has already been nominated for this award, I also want to nominate Kati from Her tough love and humor always bring me in a good mood! You truly are a genuine blogger. Keep up the good work!

I want to leave you with a great inspirational video I found on Hope you enjoy it.

Many blessings,


Who is KONY?

8 Mar

What if you woke up some day and all the bloggers in the entire world had posted the same message… That would definitely get the world’s attention. There’s a video going around the internet that I think is worth watching and sharing. It really got to me. I hope fellow bloggers will follow in the quest to form an army of peace.

Who is Joseph Kony?


What is the goal?

Nonprofit organization ‘Invisible Children’ wants to make Kony famous, so his crimes will become visible to those who have the power to stop him. Their goal is to bring Kony to justice in 2012. You can help, for instance, by signing the pledge and spreading the word.

In working with the Law of Attraction you might want to stay away from images of cruelty. You don’t want to bring your ‘vibe’ down. But let me tell you what. Wouldn’t it be better to lift the vibration of the entire world instead of just your own? Is this really the world you want to be happy in? If we unite we have the power to change. It will be much less hard to lift your own spirit if others can give you a ‘piggy back ride’. That’s too easy to say of course, but imagine this: if everyone is rising, someone can grab your hand for a while when you tend to fall back. We can help each other to stand strong and create the world we want to live in.

I wanted to add to this that I’m aware of the negative publicity around the filmmaker. Apparently he has lost his marbles or something. But lets not forget the bigger picture here and what this is really about. It’s about standing strong together and making this world a better place. 

By Liz


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